who is stinkfinger?
stinkfinger is an allstar band, made up of various members of such powerhouse groups as Loverboy, Dionne Warwick, and Strawberry Alarm Clock, stinkfinger plans to keep on rockin' until we don't feel like doing it any longer.

Pud Puller Mellencamp
vocals / bass

Born into the musical Mellencamp family, Pud sucessfully slept his way to the top of the Arby's management team to find himself hungry for more. In 1984 he sold his armpit viginity and moved out west where he formed "Night Ranger". After making large amounts of money penning such hits as "Natural Woman" and "99 luftballoons", Pud conquered Hollywood by wining the Best Acting Oscar for his role as Colin Powell in the blockbuster "Gay Bigfoot" with Tony Danza. His off-screen love life often garnered more headlines than his career, when he began a stormy relationship with Sharon Stone's couch cushions. To this day he remains banned for life from any Best Western hotels.

Tom Vu
Vocals / Bass

What can we say about Tom Vu. After becoming a multi-millionaire and worldwide celebrity playboy extrodinaire, Tom decided to give his life a kick start and become a sales rep for Snap-On tools. It was at the tool job that he developed a love for dead hookers, and eventually went on to win the gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics for cat feltching, narrowly beating out the favored competition Bjorn Bkkoukc from Norway.

Tom has these really weird hairs that grow out from all over his body, including 2 large red afros upon each nipple. If God loves hair, he must have had a boner when he made Tom!

Lax Afro

Lax was an undercover FBI agent for 16 years before he decided to die and become reborn as a drummer. Unfortunately he was reincarnated as a Raymond Burr's bicycle seat. Using the anguish as his fuel, he's penned such super-rock hits as "Fuck You Veronica" and "My Baby Has 8 Weiners". In 1998 Lax took a rocket to outer space and built the largest chimmichanga the world has ever known. Lax's experiments with weightlessness has inspired many television movies starring John Stamos. He also holds the world record for most paperclips ever pushed into a man's peehole.

This is what Lax looked like on his first communion.



Bob (pictured here, second from left) is actually a peice of banana bread. Please do not eat him, we need him to lay down some tracks.

the management

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