stinkfinger has a long and rich history of playing really shitty places. here's a quick history in case you're truly tired of masturbating to other websites.

live shows: early days

stinkfinger used to play at any shithole that would have them. then they played at every shithole that wouldn't have them. when stinkfinger was in town, people travelled hundreds of miles just to stay away.

for this show, the band was paid in 10 lb bags of chicken dicks.


touring the usa

stinkfinger toured the usa playing college towns and monestaries. this picture is from a show in the bible belt when the band was opening for planned parenthood meetings and often used as examples for birth control.


arby's tour, 1994

a shitty restaurant had to search long and hard for such a shitty band to partner with for promotion.

this was when the band was starting to rise on the college charts. not the music ones but the charts which tracked on chlamydia spreading on campuses.


popularity in pop culture

there is no doubt that stinkfinger was making its mark on society, clearly evidenced by the sharp rise in suicides and self-castrations.


live performance

stinkfinger was known for their live shows, which often were best when the band didn't show up.

some evidence of these shows exist but you're really better off watching another episode of law and order.

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